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The ingredients contained in AGRICLAY A6 allow it to be used in conventional, sustainable and organic potato production. The European Montmorillonite clay used in the AGRICLAY A6 is a phyllosilicate rich in minerals and trace minerals. It is known to have a high adsorption property and may adsorb dissolved and suspended substances, such as toxins and bacteria. Clay minerals have also a high cation exchange capacity.

Research has shown that, repeated applications of clay mineral suspensions have the potential to reduce the negative impact of soil borne pathogens. Field trials were performed to measure the potential of clay suspensions to control potato scab, caused by Streptomyces scabies. Results have shown that clay suspensions have a biological impact in reducing the incidence of scab on potatoes.

Disease management - mode of action
Research and scientific literature have now started to explain the mode of action of clay suspensions. The adsorption of the bacteria and its removal from the surrounding environment may explain the results observed. Alternatively, the immobilization of the bacteria on the surface of clay minerals may alter certain cell-wall activities of the pathogens thus limiting its negative effect. These cell-wall activities may have a multiple impact: physically blocking regions of the bacterial surface, reducing its ion bonding capacity, interacting with some membrane proteins, chelating some essential microbial nutrients and dissipating the proton motive force.

Recent trials have also demonstrated the potential for the clay suspensions to limit the incidence of rhizoctonia (black scurf) and silver scurf. Additional experiments are being conducted to confirm these findings.

Yield improvement
Clay minerals are “chemical sponges” which hold water and plant nutrients weathered from other minerals. Nutrients may be made available for the plants in a unique fashion due to the high cation exchange capacity of the clay suspensions and their content of plant micro-nutrients. Recent trials have demonstrated that the clay suspensions contained in AGRICLAY A6 may have a positive impact on the crop health and yield.

Product development
The benefits found in the ARGIMIX Clay Suspension Technology are currently being extended to a multitude of products for the following segments:


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