The unique patent pending filtration and manufacturing process extracts from certain types of green clays the essential minerals they contain and keeps them suspended in natural spring water. This creates a strong mixture of essential minerals and trace minerals as well as a strong ionic exchange process that can be altered to meet the specific requirements of clients.


Arclay's Natural Clay Mineral Suspension Technology has been developed and researched for the last 20 years. It is a unique patent pending technology offering a natural ingredient and process to naturalize mass market products. The technology allows for the manipulation and optimization of the absorption, adsorption and ionic exchange processes without the use of harmful chemicals.

Review of the literature about current clay-based products and studies on the adsorption and absorption capacities of clay minerals indicates that the majority of the work focuses on Montmorillonite and Kaolin clays. These clays have strong absorption properties but a more limited adsorption capacity and ionic exchange. Illite clay provides for a good absorption with a much stronger adsorption and ionic exchange ability. This combined with its mineral and trace mineral make up make this clay unique in its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and provide enhanced benefits found in Illite clay.

Our internal research suggests that the cell membrane of the pathogen is altered and its growth inhibited by the effect the technology has on the proton motive force and its enhanced ionic exchange, adsorption and absorption processes.

Studies on Illite clay are very limited, although interests in scientifically proving its healing and anti-microbial effects are growing. Research conducted with our scientific advisors indicates strongly that the Arclay mineral suspension technology has the ability to inhibit the growth of pathogen in a given environment. The current data shows in vitro and in vivo results on how the Arclay Mineral Suspension Technology has been able to reduce the negative impact of gram positive bacteria.

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